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Waco, TX

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About Me

I launched my photo business in 2012. Portrait and lifestyle photography has always been the emphasis. I've always said it's about having fun. That's it. Luckily it has been just that.

My style guides my creativity. If I were to describe it we would be here all day! It's a culmination of my childhood, relentlessly pursuing the vintage life, and probably some of Goodwill. Yes, the store. The idea too :)

Passion, emotion, and heart are the essence of all of this. If we don't know each other, you will discover it quickly after we meet. You may also discover that I love my son, I love my dog, and I hate cleaning my car. It's a problem. Let's just roll with it and pretend you don't notice.

email: valpayne77@gmail.com

phone: 512.800.0969